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Instagram clip Barber Showtime

This clip was made to be played in Instagram.

Barber Showtime Backstage

Backstage footage of the Barber showtime seminar.

Alex Bo Seminar Intro

This Clip was used for Intro to introduce Alex Bo Barber in his Seminar.

Manzx Tattoo - Promo Clip

IKTEO Arsenis - Clip 1 Promo

IKTEO Arsenis - Clip 2 Drone Promo

IKTEO Arsenis - Clip 3 Cinema Promo Clip

This Clip was made to be played in the Cinema of Tripoli.

Manzx Tattoo - Teaser

Alex Bo - Barber Shop Promo

A promo clip of the Baber Shop FADE_PLAYERS in Tripoli Greece.

Ancient Markt of Megalopoli

Mignon Coffee and Snack

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